Facade systems and wall systems used for fences

The original stainless steel lattice
and rock wall from Stones & more

Our GridWall+, is made from stainless steel lattice, filled with crushed rock (1.5 to 2 inches/40-60 mm diameter). The big advantage over average stone gabions is how slim GridWall+ is:
A width of just only 4 inches, (under 10 cm) is possible, using rocks sized up to 2 inches (or 60 mm).

This makes our product ideal to conceal garbage containers and shelter bus stops, carports, etc.


New: The
& More
GridFacade exclusively in stainless steel

Stainless steel is the ideal material for outside projects, offering longevity and lasting good looks.

Our newest product is a free-standing, ultra slim GridFacade, completely manufactured from stainless steel components.

In modern construction developments, especially where stainless steel is oftentimes already used in design, the slim GridFacade offers a great option for screen walls between neighbours, to shield from wind, looks and as a decorative element.