Facade systems

The Original in stainless steel

GridFacade + is a market dominating facade innovation.
It is a stone facade product in stainless steel that offers virtually maintenance free beauty and durability in world class caliber.

  • A facade product designed to cover your complete project seamlessly
  • Without distracting joints or splices, our partner companies weld the stainless steel mats on location and mount them safely
  • This technique is unique and durable, satisfying highest requirements for quality when applying GridFacade+ to very tall and long building fronts
  • Materials used to mount GridFacade+ as well as the grid mats are made from corrosion resistant high quality stainless steel. You choose from different colours and types of washed rock to make your project exclusive. This combination of rock and steel guarantees your projects sustainability
  • Stone-Grid+ offers great solutions for public building projects. Other frequent uses are modern or decorative designs on tall and exposed building fronts
  • Get in touch with us if you have a project in the planning phase and want input or ideas.

The GridFacade+
exclusively in stainless steel

GridFacade+ is a stone facade product innovation in stainless steel that offers beauty and durability in the highest quality possible.

In many modern construction projects, especially where stainless steel is used in the design, GridFacade+ offers a unique, great looking, low maintenance and functional choice.

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Grid Facade+

Grid Facade+ Stone Facade in stainless steel